The Broken Thorn Mercenary Group

BT.pngFounded a mere sixteen years ago, the Broken Thorn is a predominately Llaelese mercenary group, created by the former Duke Ahsley Thawne and his daughter Maléfic. After a disasterous incident involving the Duke, the Prime Ministers neice and several geese, the Thawnes found their station dissolved and their fortune removed. Using what wealth remained, Ahsley recruited his former house guard and founded the New Rose Mercenary Group. Although making a modest living, the company never really had any kind of prominence until a rare border skirmish with Khador erupted and they found themselves on the front line. Although well equipped, the New Rose were not prepared for the force to be led by a young Kommander Irusk, a Warcaster in training who is now recognized as one of the greatest military minds to ever exist. The New Rose suffered horrendous casualties and found themselves badly outmaneuvered and outgunned. Ahsley Thawne found himself surrounded, but fought to his last breath, buying time for his daughter and a handful of men to escape. The battle was lost, but the casualties inflicted on Irusks force was sizable; enough to force the Khadorians to hold their position rather than push the advantage. Maléfic was offered her lands back by the Crown of Llael for her fathers sacrifice, but refused the offer stating she could serve Llael better on the front line then resting on her laurels in a stately home. The companies new found glory helped quickly replenish their numbers, and for a decade their fortunes were strong and victories many. With the death of Maléfic four years ago however, the new leader Raphael Du Lac suffered something of a depression, as he was a long suspected lover of Maléfic. Renaming the New Rose the Broken Thorns in honour of her, Raphael took a number of questionable contracts that has caused many to turn their eyes away from the company, and many of their most experienced soldiers have left for other companies or ventures. Last year, Raphael took his own life, leaving the Broken Thorns with no clear successor. On the verge of disbandment, a number of the remaining prominent members pooled their resources to secure the contract for the Stolen Lands expedition. And so, with everything banking on success here, the Broken Thorns have set forth to earn their redemption, or their extinction.

Members of Note

Cedric Dickory – Member of the Golden Crucible and disgraced academic after a rather heated argument over the methodology and beliefs of the Goddess Cyriss, Cedric is one of the higher ranking members of the Broken Thorn despite his youth.
Rufio Bateu – Previously a freelance thief from Ord, Rufio has gained something of a folk hero-like reputation and as such quickly rose through the ranks in the Broken Thorn.
Jace Korsus – The 2nd ordic born member of the Broken Thorn, Jace is the longest serving member since he joined five years ago, and is seen by many as the solid constant in the company, although it is no secret he is not well liked.

These three members are currently serving as the defacto head of the Company since the death of Raphael, and at the moment neither of them has made any play to assume a complete leadership, instead providing a clear council of leadership that allows the group to function. At some point however it will need to be resolved.

Associates of the Thorn

Robain Di Bois – Headsman of the initial settlers of Khael, Robain is a gruff, no nonsense man that cares deeply for his people and their well being. He takes offence to those who would treat them without care and has had confrontations with both Manon Sèverin and Alexey Garilov over what is best for the people, and he believes that they only look at the bigger picture and do not look at the initial concerns of the common man.
Manon Sèverin – Assigned to the group as their liaison to the Llaelese nobility funding the expedition, Manon is not technically a member of the Broken Thorn, which has resulted in some rather snide remarks made about her posting from other members. Although no-one particularly has any issues with Manon herself, many see her involvement as troublesome due to the overhanging threat that her words carry so much weight within Llael.
Alexey Garilov – Another personality who is not directly associated with the Broken Thorn itself, Alexey is a Paladin from the Order of the Wall, and the spiritual leader of the Llaelese refugees that have been sent to begin the settlement of the area formerly known as the Greenbelt. As their leader not just in spirit but in body, Alexey makes it his mission to ensure he is at the forefront of exploring and settling this new land, ensuring the word of the Creator does not go unheard.

These three are the essential “ruling elite” of the new land of Khael (Although Robain is not in fact a noble, the respect the people afford him is significant enough for this to be a non-issue). Each of these men and women view the people and development of this new land very differently, and their viewpoints and ideologies will come into conflict sooner rather than later.


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The Broken Thorn Mercenary Group

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