Infernalist are arcanists devoted to the depraved, and what some would consider blasphemous arts of summoning. Dedicating there lives to the forbidden arts of infernal practitioning, these men and women spend years in cloistered libraries, ancient ruins, and the darkest nooks and crannies of Western Immoren searching for tomes, relics, and tid bits of information on the Infernals, and there ilk. Using powers some people believe to be fictitious they reach beyond the barriers of the physical world to plead out for power, and if the will, and desire is strong enough something answers back.

Warlock Specialisations

  • Archfey Pact
  • Fiend Pact
  • Great Old One Pact

    *Note that Warlocks represent Infernalists; those who have gained their power through deals with powerful, otherworldly beings. If discovered as an Infernalist, the penalty in all the Iron Kingdoms is death.

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