Blood And Iron

An Idea Forms ...

... Waiting to be burnt.

Began creation of the Campaign. Players involved are James Taylor playing Manon Sèverin, a Llaelese noblewoman trained as a member of the Amethyst Rose, Mark Robert playing Content Not Found: bear-bearington, a Laelese spellcaster and member of the Golden Crucible, Andy Summerhill playing Popon, an Idrian born fighter raised by the Efaarit and stepped in the sand-peoples culture and history, Mark Delaney playing Rufio Bateu, an Ordic robin hood-esque thief and hero of the common people, and Dan Bowerbank playing Jace Korsus, an Ordic fighter and would-be monster hunter and trapper. Campaign latter added Jordy, playing Alexey Garilov, Khadorian Paladin of the Order of the Wall, follower of the Old Faith.

Campaign will be run using D&D 5th Rules, involving heavy conversion of 3.5 Iron Kingdoms material in order to provide the world for the players to use. Campaign goal is for the material to allow other campaigns to be run in Immoren using the rule-sets works on here.


stuartsiddons stuartsiddons

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