The year is 582 AR, and the Kingdoms of Immoren sit at an impasse. There exists no land no longer claimed by the realms, and the need for resources and material only grows as each kingdom sees an inevitable war looming in the future. Khadors armies grow by the day as Ivad Vanar dreams of a new Khadorian Empire, desiring suitable legacy to pass to his daughter Ayn. Cygnar’s technology continues to be at the forefront of innovation as Sebastian Nemo invents the Storm Glaive, whilst the Protectorate of Menoth decides on it’s new Hierarch, a decision sure to impact the rest of Immoren. Ios has recently closed its borders and refuses any attempt to trade with the Iron Kingdoms. Llael continues to press its trade advantage against its neighbours Khador, despite the risk it involves. Every kingdom desires the same thing – More.

Across the easten frontier of the Iron Kingdoms runs a hinterland not even the most brazen bandit lords dare to claim. Sharing borders with strange barbarians, unexplored forests and and the remnants of a once proud kingdom, this wilderness invites few intruders, out of fear of provoking the ire of empires. For untold decades this land has lain fallow, left to the devices of nature and deadly beasts, while strange things lurk amid its swamps, forests, and peaks, and the remnants of an ancient, near-forgotten history sleeps amid ruins and weeds. These are the Stolen Lands, a lordless realm having defied untold conquerors, yet ripe with potential for any bold enough to prove themselves its masters.

The regions called the Stolen Lands takes its name from Ios, which claims this realm as rightfully its own. The infertile plains of the Protectorate once spilled into the region, coloring the fractious nation’s claim on the wilderness. This makes the land between the Iron Kingdoms and the northern desert hotly contested. Beyond the plains, to the south stretch the craggy forests of the Alchiere subcontinent and eastward the rugged hill country that gradually rises in wall-like mountains. To the west, the many rivers and bogs of the Slough transform the region’s lowlands into a vast swamp, eventually giving way to weedy plains threaded over with bony crags, with the forest of Thousand Voices and the steeps mountains beyond. Diverse in both vistas and dangers, the Stolen Lands hide a variety of dangers, from tales of hauntings and eerie lights in the west to claims of ruins from forgotten empires scattered across the east, with the dens of bandit gangs, strange recluses, and deadly beasts scattered throughout. Those who travel the land, whether as traders or conquerors, find it a rugged, unforgiving region, one that has defied ages of settlers as if it consciously preferred to remain a realm of brutality and beasts. Yet endlessly, new generations enter the land with ambitions and steel, blood and iron, ever hoping to carve out a piece of the Stolen Lands for themselves.