The Great Fathers

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The dwarves do not have a single patron deity. Instead, they worship a group of divine forefathers, the thirteen paragons that spawned their race. These divine Great Fathers founded the original Thirteen Families millennia ago, and their blood is said to provide all dwarves with their legendary fortitude. The Great Fathers’ most direct descendants are called the Stone Lords, and these powerful and respected individuals sit at the head of the dwarven Moot today as they have since the first days. Being strong with the Great Fathers’ blood, the Stone Lords are unusually hardy and live a very long time, often surpassing two hundred winters.

Each Great Father is, practically speaking, a demigod, though dwarven folk only worship them as a lawful good unity. An individual Great Father is never singled out as a cleric’s sole patron, for this is considered disrespectful and ignorant. The Fathers as a group gave life to dwarvenkind, and as a group they will always be worshipped. Nonetheless, each Father has his own personality, holidays, parables and sphere of influence, and it is common to say a prayer or a curse in a particular Father’s name as the situation warrants it.

The following are the names and influences of the Great Fathers:

Name Influence
Dhurg First Father of Battle (Master of Axes)
Dohl Father of Mining
Dovur First Father of Smithing (Weapons)
Ghrd Father of Wealth and Jewelcraft
Godor Father of Law and Oration
Hrord Second Father of Battle (Master of Blades)
Jhord Father of Spying and Information
Lodhul Father of Feasting and Virility
Odom Father of Magic and Secrets
Orm Father of Building and Stonework
Sigmur Father of History and Records
Udo Third Father of Battle (Master of Hammers)
Uldar Second Father of Smithing (Armor)

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The Great Fathers

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