Arcane Mechanik

Arcane Mechanik Sub-School

Arcane mechaniks in the Iron Kingdoms are highly valued and afforded much respect as the creators of mechanika – the blend of magic and technology common throughout the Iron Kingdoms. They provide the various kingdoms with the industrial and military technology required for a nation to flourish in the modern era.

Upon selecting arcane mechanik, the wizard gains a Liber Mechanika and an Arcane Condenser. A Liber Mechanica functions as a spellbook, but also allows the storing of Mechanika schematics. Any spell copied into a Liber Mechanika may also be copied as a runeplate schematic. This counts as inscribing an additional spell of the same spell level you wish to create a schematic of.

Master Fabricator

At 2nd Level, Arcane Mechaniks gain the Fabricator feat. You gain Expertise in Mechanikal Tools. In addition, arcane mechaniks gain a 10% discount any on any Mechanika they fabricate. This rises to 20% at 6th Level, 30% at 10th Level and 40% at 16th Level.

Charge Accumulator

At 2nd level the arcane mechanik can begin charging accumulators by hooking himself and the accumulator into an Arcane Condenser. For each spell level expended by the arcane mechanik, he can place a single charge into an accumulator. For instance if a 5th level arcane mechanik expended a 2nd level spell and two 1st level spells for a total of 4 spell levels, the accumulator would gain 4 charges. Arcane mechaniks of 2nd level of higher never need to worry about accumulator backlash.


At 6th level the arcane mechanik can overload a single mechanikal item (such as an arcantrik engine, weapon, shield or other mechanikally enhanced item) as long as it has an arcane accumulator installed within it. The arcane mechanik may sacrifice any prepared spell and then make a ranged touch attack (max 30ft) against a piece of mechanika they wish to overload with an impulse of arcane will. The resulting overload detonates the accumulator dealing 1d10 damage per charge remaining in the accumulator in a 15ft burst (DC 15 Reflex for half). The arcane mechanik may use this ability 1/day + 1 for every 4 levels of arcane mechanik they possess (max 5).

Arcane Transference

At 10th Level, an arcane mechanik can drain power from an arcane accumulator to empower his spells. The arcane mechanik must attach themselves to an arcane condenser and an accumulator with at least 6 charges in it. Upon casting a spell they wishes to supercharge, they drain 6 charges from the accumulator and incorporate it into the spell’s structure to have one of the following effects: (Double the range of the spell, Allow the spell to ignore one type of Energy Resistance, Gain advantage on the ranged attack roll, Increase the spell save DC by 2). An arcane mechanik may use this special ability multiple times on a single casting, selecting a different ability to use each time.

Grand Invention

Arcane mechaniks can develop inventions never before seen in the Iron Kingdoms, dedicating themselves to researching and finally creating a single unique mechanikal item at 14th Level. This device must utilize the properties of one of the existing arcane technologies; Khadoran, Cygnaran, Rhulic, Iosan or Menothian. For example an arcane mechanik creating a unique invention based on Cygnaran technologies may invent devices that use voltaic energy; like a static charge gun which can shock multiple targets, or a magnetic shield which attracts metal weapons and shocks their wielders. Work with the DM to decide what Grand Invention is created. Once created this schematic may be added to the arcane mechaniks Liber Mechanika. While many inventions been stolen, copied, circulated around the SIWU, patented to military powers or otherwise disseminated around the Iron Kingdoms, each unique invention is personal to the mechanik and often never sees wider publication. Unless in possession of a schematic of the unique invention, Craft (mechanika), Bodging and ‘Jackwrenching attempts on a unique invention gain a +10 DC complexity modifier.

Arcane Mechanik

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