The Stag Lord - Deceased

Tharn Warlord and Bandit King - Killed by the Party 582 A.R.


The leader of the Tharn and the Bandits in the area, the Stag lord is a vicious monster. It is unknown whether he represents a large force of Tharn, or if if the Tharn are just a small tribe who have dominated the local bandits and trappers into servitude. All that is known about the Stag Lord is based on the words of the captive bandit Louen, well aware of his incoming death. However, he has provided the first useful information on the Stag Lord since hearing about him. Louen decribed the Stag Lord as a huge Tharn Skinchanger, able to take upon himself a beast aspect in which he towers close to 10ft tall, and possesses the strength to effortlessly wield his twin axes.


The Stag Lord is known to be an incredible drunkard, and spends most of his time in his fort to the south, on the edge of the lake. He is a brutal father who often beat his daughters, but Louen believes this to be part of their culture in which only the strong are worthy of respect. He came to the Greenbelt around six months ago, and Louen believes the Stag Lord searches for something in the forest, although he has yet to find it. This seems implausible as the Stag Lords daughters are incredible trackers and would certainly of scoured the entire area in that time. With one of them now dead, many brigands and bandits in the area have either joined the Stag Lords forces or fled the area, as they expect his retribution to be vicious and without mercy.

During the 3rd week in the Greenbelt, the party mounted a daring attack on the Sag Lords fort, who was looking to gather an army and assault Olegs and kill the party. During the fight, the encountered the Stag Lord and despite suffering grievous wounds themselves managed to kill the monster of a man. Taking his head, they escaped the fort as Paladin Alexey set the building on fire, detonating numerous kegs of blasting powder and blowing what remained of the dwarvern fort to smithereens.

The Stag Lord - Deceased

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