Simonyev Blaustavya

Regent of the Khadorian Empire and Founder of Blaustavya Shipping & Rail


The aging patriarch of the Blaustavya family retains the same sharp intellect for which he was renowned in his youth. A strong, bald man with a thick Khadorian accent, Simonyev dresses well, as befits a man of his wealth, power and position in Khador Soceity. He looks upon people before him with an eye that assume they’re worthless, and expects no-one to prove him wrong. Talking to him feels like you are taking part in a grand game, and you don’t know the rules. He presents himself with authority, power and a singular strength of will and determination that is hard to match.


One of King Ivad’s closest friends from his youth in the military was a soldier named Simonyev Blaustavya, a talented mechanik and great thinker with whom King Ivad stayed in close contact. The fortunes of Khador and Blaustavya seemed linked after the formation in 551 AR of Blaustavya Rail, a company that would innovate newer and more powerful locomotives while greatly expanding the Khadoran rail lines, including extending the Iron Highway from Khardov to the great northwestern port city of Ohk. Blaustavya became one of the wealthiest and most influential of the merchant-princes, or kayazy, and consistently leveraged his power for the good of Khador. King Ivad ruled for thirty-eight years before age and illness finally caught up with him; he outlived his own son and left the throne to his infant granddaughter Ayn XI. On his deathbed. King Ivad has asked for Blaustavya to rule as regent and to watch over Ayn until she reaches her majority.

Simonyev Blaustavya rose to power from the ranks of the kayazy to become the great vizier and knows well the inner workings of this class. King Vanar was also favorably disposed toward the kayazy, seeing their work as essential to Khador’s strength and their wealth as a resource for the nation. The clandestine scheming of the kayazy, however, has in the past put them at cross purposes with the government.

Simonyev Blaustavya is one of Khador’s most beloved figures, his reputation and esteem without question. The former kayaz industrialist and close friend of King Ivad Vanar, Blaustavya has enjoyed an impressive record of achievements by the time of the king’s death, and now as Regent of Khador he looks to cement his legacy as one of the most powerful Khadrorians of all time.

Simonyev Blaustavya

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