Seth Durant

Sul Nobility and Initiate Warcaster of Menoth


Young, zealous and dangerously volatile would describe the Warcaster in training Seth Durant. His good looks and almost heavenly build only add to the aura around him, given credance to his own self-professed nature as ‘The chosen of Menoth’. He is always seen in full battle-ready regalia, believing that the Creator of Man may require his services at any time, for any reason. He speaks with fervour and passion, and even those most devout followers of Morrow cannot help but feel the call of the Great Creator when speaking with Durant. He believes completely in the manifest destiny of the Protectorate, and would almost certainly be a front runner for the new Heirairch if not for his young and inexperienced nature. Many in the priesthood believe that this expedition represents a chance for him to prove himself, so that in the future he can take his rightful place at the right hand of Menoth.


Raised from a young age to be the man he is today, Seth Durant is a man of destiny. His warcaster talents were discovered early, and he has been put into the best schooling and training the Protectorate could offer ever since. As a member of the preisthood, he believes wholeheartedly in the dominance of Menoth, and will not brook the Creators name to be soiled in his presence. Quick to anger and virtually untouchable for his actions with the Protectorate, more than one person has lost their life to the vicious man. However, his natural charm and good looks have meant that those who are unaware (or simply don’t care) about his violent side are drawn toward the man, seeing in him the face of the Creator. Seth has embraced this idea, and speaks about himself as “The Chosen of Menoth” often. Seeing him a glow with power and righteousness, it is hard to prove him wrong.

Seths plans for the Stolen Lands are a simple one – Complete and utter domination. All other races and species are to be wiped out by the will of the Creator, and through Seths will a new Protectorate will be born in which they can spread the word of Menoth into Khador with more determination and gusto than ever. The grand deserts and dangerous terrain do nothing to hinder Durants ideals, as “the faithful broke the land once, and we shall break the land again”.

Seth Durant

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