Rufio Bateu

Ordic "Second Story Man" and Hero of the People


Ordic born and raised in one of its many orphanages, Rufio fell into a life of crime very easily and very young. At 12 he was already running his own group of young pickpockets out of the orphanage which soon caught the attentions of a local gang boss “Steam” Jack.
After nearly a decade of working for Jack Rufio had upgraded to burglary, racketeering, and enforcement. One job he hated above all else was shaking down the locals for protection after an incident that led to the death of an elderly shopkeeper he had decided it was time for a change.

Under the guise of wanting to move up in Jacks organisation he convinced Jack to let him undertake a heist of one of Ords top tax collectors. This particular tax collector had gained a tidy fortune skimming the kings taxes, which led to higher taxing of the people. Rufio and his companions had planned to double cross the dwarf and make new lives for themselves with the wealth.

“We`re stealing from a man, that steals from a man, who steals from the people that said man was stealing from in the first place” Rufio`s word play when conversing with Jack.

The heist went poorly for the group, two of Jacks enforcers died, a royal derigible was destroyed and most of the coin had to be thrown over the streets below as the damaged airship made a desperate attempt to escape.

Rufio and his group had to part ways although the tax collector adamantly denied that the coin was in fact his, or more accurately stolen from the king, he would certainly try some type of reprisal for the insult. Jack also wants the young rogues head when he heard of the dramatic failure.

“Where the glob are we gonna go then Roofy!”
“Well Skippit, I here the Eastern Frontier is nice this time of year” Rufio conversing with his Gobber associate.

Unbeknownst to Rufio the entire fiasco has made him a folk hero, even beyond the boarders of Ord, among the common people who believe that he had stolen the gold from a cruel oppressor and returned it to the people.

Rufio Bateu

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