Robain Di Bois

Headsman of the Llaelese Founders & Expert Woodsman


A rough looking man, Robain stands around 5ft 8" and cuts an impressive figure, although not a muscular one. Although losing an in an accident as a youth, his eyesight hasn’t suffered for it, and his scarred and rugged face have caught the attention of many a woman who prefers the more rough and ready man. As a woodsman, he dresses mainly in browns and greens leathers, and the furs of animals he has hunted. His prized possession is the hood his wife made him before she died, bedecked with a beautiful red fox that Robain spent a month hunting after it killed her favourite chickens.

His manner matches his look, and he speaks with a no-nonsense tone that carries the authority he has earnt, although never wanted. He is trusted and respected by those from his homeland as someone who will always put the people first, at any cost.


Roland was always an adventurous sort as a youth, and even losing the sight in his right eye did nothing to slow him down. Cocky, smart, and willing to use both in the aid of fun, Roland never expected that his life’s dream would be to settle down and raise a family. However, after meeting his would-be wife during a dalliance into a farmhouse with the intent to steal chickens, Roland could do nothing but see her again. He courted her for months before finally she relented, and it was only two short years later that they were wed, with a child on the way.

It was at this time that Roland received his draft letter from the Llaelese government. Happy to do his part for his country, and to provide a steady wage to his new family, Roland set off for Ryn and a career in the military. It was, however, not all he had hoped. Adventure had been replaced with endless drills and display parades, so typical of the Llaelese nobles who view their armed forces as another accessory to their realm. It was eight months later that he received a missive from his home, advising him to come at once – There had been an attack from across the border, and his wife lay critically injured. He rushed home, but was too late – His wife and their child had passed from this world. Consumed with grief, Roland fled into the woodland. Many months were spent in anger and frustration, using what tracking skills he had learnt from his father and the other woodsmen of the town to try and find the unit that attacked. He found the unit, but instead of the hardened murderers he expected, all he found were men, tired and exhausted; miserable and far from home. Lowering his bow, Roland decided at that moment that the men who killed his family weren’t present – The men that killed his family were miles away, sitting in their villas and castles, ordering the lives of those “beneath” them into wars that had nothing to do with them. His family died because he wasn’t there to protect them. Roland made the journey home, and decided that he would spend the rest of his life making a difference to those that mattered; the people of his home. He renounced his name, and took on the name he and his wife had decided to call their child – Robain.

Robain has spent the last nine years looking after his small town of Nevetchinoy as best he can. He harbors no illusions about bringing down the upper class, and is well aware that on the grand scale he makes very little difference, but since his journey he feels honour-bound to do what he can. His demeanor, now gruff and stoic, has done little to stop the respect for him growing, and many in the town know the contributions to their lives he makes, as Robain has taken to illegally hunting game and providing for the town, although he never admits it. Last year, Robain was nominated to take over as the new Headsman of the town, which has done little to change his duties as he already acted in such a position. A man who respects both the Old ways and embraces change, Robain has often had conflicting discussions with the Religious head of the community, Alexey Garilov, although he has never been so forward to appear aggressive or disrespectful of the man, especially as on the whole Alexey has always done what is right for the people. Since their relocation to Khael however, Robain has saw first-hand the conflicts erupting between Alexey and Manon S̩verin, the appointed representative of Llael, and inwardly Robain worries that the people may soon become an afterthought in their respective push for power РPower that can come with a price Robain knows all too well.

Robain Di Bois

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