Efreeteh adopted Idrian and warrior poet.


Height 6’0"
Weight 258lbs
Oily / tan skin

Balding, thick black short-handlebar mustache. Very muscular and stocky build.
A heavy brow with small eyes, usually quite closed from protecting against the desert winds. A tall but thin nose and a large wide mouth and chin.
Wears the traditional attire of his people, usually loose fitting clothes suitably for the hot desert environments in which he was raised. Particularly favours head wraps or Keffiyeh. Loose open fronted shirts or very baggy light silken or cotton clothes.
Seldom seen without his Polarm, which sports a solid engraved wooden handle and steel blade.


As a young boy Popon was abducted from his Idrian family and sold into slavery by raiders. For a couple of years Popon found himself a part of numerous slave trades or simply tacked on to other deals, until his owner found himself doing business with an Efaarit oil dealer. The Efaarit saw something in the boys eyes – something he was not accustomed to seeing in other slaves. Despite the frail, bruised body and the gangly limbs he saw a strength and perseverance that interested him.

The Efaarit quite often deal for slaves or other such people, but for them slavery is a different concept entirely. The life on the desert is hard and full of danger; many die and many more do not wish to burden themselves with young infants and pregnancy. Instead the Efaarit adopt from those they find in need, or through young slaves bought as part of trade deals. It is much more a state of caste rather then slavery, those adopted into the family are considered as low-ranking family members rather then property, and you are protected by your families name and expected to be loyal towards them.

Popons new father was a stern yet kind man, and over his many years of Caern he had become the head of a fairly respected Efaarit family, although one that was fairly uninterested in inter-clan politics. Many believed this was due to the loss of his own son some years previous, who disappeared during a particularly bad storm on the desert. As Popon grew his talents as a warrior were clear, showing aptitude with a polarm and boasted a strong and sturdy body beyond that capable of any Efaarit. By the time he had reached adulthood, Popon was considered one of the sturdiest fighters in his family and was known for his loyalty to the clan, often sent as a bodyguard during trade deals with those outside the desert.

Yet the desert life was not one filled with much conflict. The tribe would try to avoid any of the more dangerous beasts in the desert and the banners of the Skorne were considered a sign for instant retreat. Most skirmishes involved bandits during their time out of the desert, and this meant that most of the time there was no need for fighting. As such, Popon spent much of his free time on his pastimes, singing and brewing.

His father had bought him a large horn while he was young after the boy showed interest in it on a trade mission. After being a slave and knowing no kindness, Popon treasured the horn more then any other possession he owned. His father could not often show much direct kindness in the presence of his clan due to the caste system, but this was one of the rare occasions where there were few eyes watching.

Popon had developed his taste for brewing from watching the tribesmen with their jumbled setups on the sand skiffs. They would use cacti and other such plants from the desert and surrounding areas to create drinks that varied family by family, it became somewhat of a small competition between various families to create the best and most readily available drinks.

Now a full grown man, Popon was unprepared for the day he would be asked to leave the Clan, although it was not in bad company. The tribe was approached by several emissaries over the course of a week on one particular trade mission. It seemed that several sponsors were looking for someone who knew the area and the deserts and could act as a liason between any Efaarit they might meet. It seemed that many people were interested in reclaiming an area of land that has not been settled in quite some time. For supporting the endeavours of a sponsor there was the promise of favourable trade agreements, a safer area filled with less creatures and bandits and maybe even a place of land outside the desert where the Efaarit could settle permanent structures without worry of attack. Many within the clan were skeptical, some of the sponsors were direct enemies of the Efreeteh and would kill them should the chance arrive. However, Popons father saw a chance for his son to prove himself in a way that the other tribes could not ignore. Should Popon help one of these sponsors and win a great prize for the Efaarit his caste position would not matter, he would be a hero of his people and his future would be brighter.

So Popon was sent to join one of these sponsors by his father, under the pretense of securing a favourable deal for the Efaarit. As he left his family to travel upon this great journey, his father smiled thinking of his first son; and his second.


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