Manon Sèverin

Granddaughter of Baroness Adalicia Sèverin, Initiate of the Amethyst Rose


Beautiful, with long black hair and bright blue eyes, Manon stands around 5ft 5" tall, with a slim athletic build. She carries herself with the confidence and poise of nobility, and can usually be seen dressed in the finery of the Order of the Amythyst Rose, unless caught rather rarely within the ballrooms of Llael, in which case she is in the latest fashions of The court.


Manon Sèverin is the oldest of five children and favoured granddaughter of the Baroness Sèverin, an exceptionally old noble lady of llael. Although having a rocky relationship with her parents, who’d rather she spent her time mastering politics and attending dinners, the Baroness herself adores her granddaughter for her spirit and ability to think outside the courts.

The Baroness herself, whilst bedridden and perpetually on her deathbed, is a tenacious old lady who has refused to abdicate her estate and titles to her son (and Manon’s father) Arno Sèverin, stating “As long as I am able, I will serve llael”. As such a stubbornly patriotic women who so cares deeply about her people, it is no wonder she took a liking to Manon who, whilst having very little political leverage herself, has always used what she did have to aid and support the people of Llael the best she can, whether it be offering up the coffers to providing better conditions to the workers on her families mine, to supporting the arts and other programs to enrich the common peoples lives. Adalicia Sèverin has recently rewarded her granddaughters efforts by using her deeply respected name to secure Manon a place within the Order of the Amythst Rose.

Manon herself is an independent young women and, whilst trained to be at home in the Llaelese ballroom, finds the atmosphere and blind commitment to old ideals and out of place thinking to be stifiling. Instead, she much prefers sparing with her fencing or riding master, improving her already formidable skills with a blade. Similarly, she is anything but traditional in her attitudes towards life, although she is smart enough to ensure she do nothing that would bring disgrace to her families name … openly, at least, as the occasional rumour suggests she has taken to the streets more than once in her hooded cloak, helping the people of Llael more directly.

Since her acceptence into the Amythyst Rose, her military and political career is looking much more promising, as a quick thinker and quicker shot goes far within the Rose. Her talents with both rapier and pistol, combined with the boundless self confidence of youth have given her the tools and drive to execute her duties admirably, and her grandmother could not be more proud.

Manon Sèverin

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