Jace Korsus

Ordic Mercenary & Monster Hunter


A heavily scarred mountain of a man, Jace Korsus is as rough as they come in Ord. Standing at an imposing 6ft 4 and weighing around 224lbs, Jace is pure muscle and tenacity. Rarely seen without the trappings of his Hunting Lodge, Jace has short, black hair and a weather beaten face, crisscrossed with old scars.


Previously a member of the Ordic Swordlords, Jace left the Mercernary band after almost losing his life in a particularly vicious battle with a Tatzleworm. Most assumed that he left due to how close he came to death. Those who understand him know he left because he had never felt so alive. Now a member of the Broken Thorn, Jace has spent the rest of his life since that moment retraining his mind and body to find and hunt the biggest game in the Iron Kingdoms and beyond. Never particularly trained with a bow or gun, Jace has striven to master his opponents weaknesses and looks to bring his incredible strength to bear upon his enemy, wielding his huge great-sword as deftly as many would wield a dagger. Many in the hunting lodge in which he trained see him as foolishly chasing death with such an approach, but for Jace he simply chases the next chance to embrace life.

Jace Korsus

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