Garrick Grunderson - Deceased

Dwarven Inventor. Killed in combat with Seth Durant 582AR


Tall (as far as Dwarves go), well built and with a mad look in his eye, Garrick Grunderson is never seen without a pair of blasting goggles and his thick, golden beard. Years of manual labour have made him a strong, powerful Dwarf who would be much more intimidating if not for his eccentric behaviour. A constant inventor and tinkerer, he is almost always found baked in soot and steam from the forges where he works on the ‘next big thing’ to revolutionise the mining business.


A young inventor in his youth, Garrick now operates as the head of his household, and does so with great pride. His family is one of the Hundred Hands, the most powerful one hundred clans in the dwarven lands, and their fortunes only seem to be growing. He spent years between his rise to adulthood and his ascension to head of the house as part of the Holdenhouse Guard, a mercenary group operating across Immoren. As such, not only are his leadership credentials impressive, his battle record also speaks for itself.

As head of the Grunderson Household, Garrick has possibly the best claim to the Stolen Lands – He has paperwork and evidence that the land itself used to belong to his Clan. He feels strongly that the land should be returned to him and his family, and the old mines in the area be reopened. Whilst he concedes since his family lost the land, human settlements have arisen and fallen their over many generations, his claim that the land was originally his is a hard one to argue – Or at least it would be for a Dwarf. The kingdoms of men do not recognise the Grundersons ancestral claim to the land, citing the many generations long passed, and that by leaving their land for so long to become the pickings of others, they have relinquished their claim to it.

In the last month since attempting to colonise the Stolen Lands, the Grundersons met immediate resistance in the form of Seth Durants “Menothian Crusade”. Garrick had dealt with the Protectorate before, but no-one with the same xenophobic hatred possessed by Seth. Bringing the full weight of his war engines to bear, the Grunderson expedition had been essentially wiped out, with Garrick himself killed in combat with Durant. The survivors are now refugees, with many heading back to Rhul in order to properly recount the vile actions of Seth and ensure that proper actions, if any, can be taken against the Protectorate. Although Seth’s forces took many casualties and his Warjacks will need considerable repair, the Grunderson Reclamation is no longer a factor in the colonisation of the Stolen Lands.

Garrick Grunderson - Deceased

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