Father Aberus Celedor

Philanthropist and High Priest of Morrow


The image of a balding old man who, despite of the lifetime of pain he has seen across Immoren, retains his soft and gentle features. He is never seen without the robes and garments of the order of Morrow. He walks aided by his staff, and it looks as though his age has certainly begun to takes its toll, as have the years of haling the sick and wounded, despite the cost to his own health. He is attentive and extremely slow to anger, and always has words of wisdom and blessings to pass down to any who wishes to hear it. He is fond of tea and is often found within the halls of Morrow playing chess against the younger initiates, as he explains “It helps them find their way through life as well as the game”


Aberus Celedor represents the best of what the Church of Morrow has to offer. He has spent his life helping those in need, no matter the cost. Evidence of this is literally on display for all to see – Aberus is only twenty eight years old, but has been aged prematurely by healing and aiding those of other Gods in great times of need, over and above what his body could stand. He is good friends with Prince Leto, and it is he that suggested Aberus take this opportunity to expand the borders of the faithful far into the Stolen Lands. His commission was approved by King Vinter, which came as a surprise to no-one as it was well known that Vinter greatly dislikes the Church, and Aberus in general. Aberus has very little in the way of supplies or financial backing, but he has in abundance those faithful who would look towards a land herded by Morrow, with Aberus as their Shepard. Over three hundred faithful made the journey to the Stolen Lands, and after initial confrontation with a number of local threats, they have settled the village of Ellena’s Reach, named after the Ascendant of Morrow who conducted her own pilgrimages in a particularly dangerous era. With Morrow as his guide, Aberus Celedor knows that his people will grown in number and faith, and that this land shall be a new haven for men of every nation.

Father Aberus Celedor

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