Banek Hurley

Ordic Pirate and High Captain of Five Fingers


With an old, weathered faced man, Banek carries himself as much older than he is. His matted blonde hair covers the many scars that cross his face, earned from his earlier days on the high seas as part of the Ordic Navy. He dresses as befits his station as a High Captain, with well made and expensive outfits, usually festooned with pistols. He always carries with him “Red Rose”, his signature pistol that has been his good luck charm for many years. He is of average height, with a thin but muscular build, well defined from his life on the sea.


He is one of the closest friends to King Baird or Ord, and is in charge of collecting the King’s tithe from the other High Captains. He is a loud and likable man who enjoys telling stories, but in his heart he is a ruthless scoundrel who has shed the blood of many innocents and gangsters alike.

He has a number of informants spread across Immoren that emanate from Five Fingers and trades heavily on information. His primary enforcement gang are called the Dog Wardens. Many suspect the nature of his bid for the Stolen Lands relates to allowing Ord to be more competitive with Llael in the nature of Trade with Rhul.

Whilst seemingly a venture of his own in order to increase his considerable wealth, in actuality Banek Hurley is operating on the orders of King Baird, looking to establish a foothold far beyond the watchful eyes of Cygnar and Khador, and establish new ports and trade options with the Protectorate of Menoth, and open up new passageways to trade with Rhul. The increased control of the ocean would allow new and properous avenues of trade for Ord.

Banek Hurley

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