Alaina Di Malayse

Duchess of Llael, Member of the Golden Crucible and Backer of the Party


A lithe, slender figure of a woman with long, unkempt red hair, Alaina is one of the more introverted nobles of Llael, and as such people often find it difficult to make eye contact with her. Those who do can see her deep, green eyes sparkle with energy. Usually quiet, reserved and uncomfortably around people, all of these mannerisms disappear as soon as the topic of alchemy is brought up, where she becomes a different person, eager to discuss and envelop the conversation around her favoured subject. Alaina stands around 5ft 7", and looks to weigh about 120lbs. She usually dresses in red and purple, the colours of House Di Malayse. As a member of the Order of the Golden Crucible, Alaina is usually found carrying her alchemy kit on her waist at all times, along with the golden key around her neck that symbolises her high ranking position with in order.


Alaina di Malayse hails from a long line of wizards, and her family has always been involved with the Order of the Golden Crucible since its founding. She inherited the title of Baroness three years ago at the young age of twenty two, when her father retired from the public eye after an alchemical accident whilst working on refining blasting powder. Since then, Alaina has found herself having to divide her time between the courts and the college, the ballrooms and the basements. Alaina has managed this admirably, and is a respected member of the Llaelese nobility, her obvious quirky nature hindering her not due to the fact many of the Llaelse nobility could accurately be described as quirky themselves.

Her family is very wealthy thanks to their involvement with the Golden Crucible, and Alaina herself is one of their most senior members, not only ensuring she is at the forefront of change and innovation within the Iron Kingdoms, but also that her household is virtually untouchable by any would-be assaulter, thanks to the presence of the Crucible Guard. Between her resources within the Golden Crucible and her own family wealth, Alaina is one of the wealthiest backers of the Expeditions into the Bloodstone Desert.

For those who are in her inner circle, Alaina has confided that she sees a future where Khador no longer takes kindly to the financial meddling of Llael, and instead uses it’s incredible military might to make the issue a moot one. As such, Alaina sees the chance to establish a vassal nation of Llael far from the neighboring Khadorians as one of a matter of national importance; to her, a refuge that her people may escape to may be one of essential need rather than of convenience sooner rather than later.

Alaina Di Malayse

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