Akrios Hawkwood

Scorned Lover and former Paladin or Morrow


A tall and ruggedly handsome man, with a deep scar across his right eye, although it does not affect his vision. He has greying hair and a neatly trimmed beard – He considers his appearance important irrelevant of his current surroundings. He is a strong and well trained man, easily the equal of men many times his elder. He is usually seen wearing a fine suit of chainmail and carrying a Caspian Battleblade and shield – His last remaining remnants of a time long since past.


Akrios’s parents wanted nothing more for him than life as a protector of the town — as a paladin of Morrow no less. Every moment of Akrios’s life was spent in preparation for his acceptance into the order, yet not one month after he achieved his parents’ dream and became a paladin, Akrios fell in love with the married daughter of one of his hometown’s wealthier merchants, a woman named Rosilla. The affair ended all too soon when Rosilla’s husband found out what she’d been up to and threatened to divorce her. The thought of losing the life of luxury was too much, and she told her husband that Akrios had raped her. Furious, he took Rosilla to the temple of Morrow to confront her attacker. The young paladin was flabbergasted, but when Rosilla took things too far by spitting on him and publicly denouncing him as a rapist, a heretofore unknown rage woke in Akrios’s heart. All of his repressed frustrations and anger poured out in one powerful blow, and with that blow he snuffed out Rosilla’s life. As she crumpled to the floor, Akrios knew his life had been snuffed out as well. He turned on Rosilla’s dumbfounded husband and killed him as well, and with the temple guards still in shock, he fled the city. He barely made it out of Taldor, stowing away on a merchant caravan bound for Ternon Crag. Akrios switched caravans dozens of times as he fled south, losing himself in the Stolen Lands.

Akrios had been with the Stag Lord’s bandits for only a few months, but his commanding presence earned the Stag Lord’s favor— Akrios was considered to be the second-in-command of the fort, much to Dovan’s displeasure. Ironically, Akrios had come to the realization that life as a bandit is even more hollow than life as a paladin of Morrow, and when the party made their attack on the fort, he saw in them an opportunity for a new life and, perhaps, redemption. During the battle for the fort, Akrios tore his amulet of office from his throat, cast it aside, and stepped in to fight with the party.

Akrios Hawkwood

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